The Reading Room: Ru Emerson - Xena's Bard

Ru Emerson, a modern bard for Xena, has created three novels about the Warrior Princess incorporating ancient themes in a way that can't be explored in the series itself. Here you'll find reviews and book excerpts introducing you not only to the XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS novels but to Ru Emerson's many other works as well. The reading room will also be bringing you pages on the history and mythology that has gone into the novels -- the world of the ancient Hellenes.

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About the Author

Bio, a new interview, and a look at What's Next

"Back in the 50's, having 40's parents, you have to realize that SF and fantasy were 'That stuff.' Or, 'that junk.' As in, 'you aren't reading THAT junk, are you?' My mother blushed when she was found out reading paperback novels, as opposed to Real Books...."

second shelf:
Reviews & Excerpts

...from THE PRINCESS OF FLAMES to A TALE OF NEDAO (a trilogy from the perspective of the tribal nations of the late Roman Europe) to the latest XENA tie-in novel

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Ancient Topics

...explore beyond the toe-dip into the ancient world

From mythological beasts to powerful queens to the female heroines whose warrior cults ranked alongside that of Hercules . . .

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