Jason and the Argonauts
myth, movies, and special effects, then and now
by C. Burrell

Gary Raymond's role: Prince Acastus, son of King Pelias, chief villain, thorn in Jason's side ("co-starring" credit)
most Moffitt-like line: "What has that girl done to you? I thought you were a fighting man."

Directed by Don Chaffey; Written by Beverley Cross & Jan Read
With: Todd Armstrong as Jason, Nancy Kovack as Medea, Gary Raymond as Acastus, Laurence Naismith as Argus, Niall MacGinnis as Zeus, Michael Gwynn as Hermes, Douglas Wilmer as Pelias, Jack Gwyllim as King Aeetes, Honor Blackman as Hera, John Cairney as Hylas, Patrick Troughton as Phineas, Andrew Faulds as Phalerus, Nigel Green as Hercules

Jason and the Argonauts (1963) has led at least three generations along the road that leads to Hercules: the Legendary Journeys and its enthusiastic homage to Ray Harryhausen in the episode "Once a Hero," and to all the other adventure shows on the airwaves today.

Jason and the Argonauts

For those of you who've arrived here from a direction other than The Rat Patrol Classified Dossier: Don't be surprised if the images on this page from the film have a certain focus on scenes featuring Gary Raymond (Prince Acastus), British actor and one of the leads on The Rat Patrol.

This section will grow over time, illustrated with images from Jason and "Once a Hero," covering:

Special Effects Then and Now
Ray Harryhausen and his modern heirs
The Hercules homage to Jason

Hercules' Legendary Journeys
The role of Hercules among the Argonauts in film, television series, and legend

Will the Real Jason Please Stand Up?
Jason in myth and history (with links to a site in Greece that covers the topic extensively)

Hekate and Hera
Goddesses in the ancient world and modern memory
A little more information on the goddess Hekate than one can get by watching Honor Blackman dance around a statue
Modern portayals of the Olympian gods -- particularly Hera

Prince Acastus
Looking up Jason's antagonist in legend

Medea -- Dangerous Woman
Femme fatale? Woman scorned? Righteously vengeful? Scary spellcaster? Heroine?
Hercules' female hero

Only the Medea section is currently online; other articles to come -- please stand by!

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Once a Hero

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