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Biographical information from the HQ: Gary Barrymore Raymond. Born in Brixton, England, 20 April 1935. Gary is the son of English music hall entertainers. At the age of 11, he won a scholarship to the Gateway School and stayed there until he was 16. He joined the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts at the age of 18. The youngest of three boys, 20 minutes younger than his twin brother, who is now a butcher in London. His mother died when he was 9 months old, and he and his twin were put in the charge of a nanny. Physical stats: 6'2", dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Married to actress Delena Kidd (1961) and has three children: Matthew, Sophie, and Emily -- an actress who recently appeared in the episode "Archangel" of TV's Highlander. Another Bio. Winter 1999 Interview.

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The Foreigner recently seen on USA Network (summer 2003), but I'll get the correct date soon Film Jared Oh dear. Not such a good movie. See my review at Outside Food.
I hope to include information on more recent projects soon...
Dear Liar

Dear Liar
above: GR & DK;
below: Shaw & Mrs Campbell

Shaw and Mrs Campbell

2 June 2000 Stage: Brewhouse Theatre and Arts Centre, Taunton, Somerset; and elsewhere George Bernard Shaw A true story romance between Bernard Shaw (GR) and Mrs. Patrick Campbell (Delena Kidd), a famous and beautiful actress who dominated the London theatre for the first half of the last century. The play, by Jerome Kilty, is based on the hundreds of letters they wrote to each other.
GR discussed the play in the November interview: "Delena Kidd, my wife, and I did a lot of Shakespeare together, and Pinter's 'Old Times' and Friel's 'Faith Healer.' Next plan is to do 'Dear Liar' playing Mrs Patrick Campbell and George Bernard Shaw. Perhaps bring it to the States?"

"Dear Liar" at Theatre Chipping Norton:
"This evocative play is the true story of the stormy romance between the playwright Bernard Shaw and the actress, Mrs Patrick Campbell. She first caught Shaw's eye in 1893 when, young and stunningly beautiful, she created a sensation as the heroine of The Second Mrs Tanqueray. Dear Liar offers an intimate portrait of Shaw, providing far more telling clues to his private personality than any of his plays could hope to do. Dear Liar is intelligent, romantic entertainment and also acts as a snapshot of English theatre at the turn of the century, shining with repartee and playful banter. Delena Kidd and Gary Raymond, a husband and wife team, last appeared at Chipping Norton in Faith Healer. Gary played Cliff in the seminal film Look Back In Anger."

Finian's Rainbow


5 - 26 September 1999 Stage (musical): Fortune Theatre, London Finian McLonergan The play was written in 1947 by Burton Lane, E. Y. Harburg, and Fred Saidy. Leonard Maltin describes it as an elegant and witty fantasy about racial injustice that was ahead of its time.
Finian's Rainbow is the last in the Fortune's season of "Lost American Musicals" (it was lost?), and this performance is "semi-staged" in concert form. Finian McLonergan of Glocca Morra and his daughter leave Ireland to emigrate to a small town of sharecroppers in the American south. Finian believes he knows the secret to wealth. He's discovered a leprechaun's pot of gold, and believes it will grow if buried in American soil -- after all, aren't all Americans millionaires, and aren't they all digging gold right out of the ground in California and burying it again in Fort Knox?

Director: Ian Marshall Fisher; Cast (in order listed): Gary Raymond, Jessica Martin, Sam Kelly, Graham MacDuff, Thelma Ruby, Terri Williams, Enyonam Gbesemte, Matthew McCrae, Nicola Blackburn, Katherine Laschelles, Bayo Furlong, Jodi Furlong, Zoe Anne Bown, Morag Brownlie, Simon Joslin, Liesl Ann Dowsett, Thomas Goodridge, Geoff Sewell, and Johnny Myers.

Laura status unknown Stage Waldo Lydecker Based on the Otto Preminger film of the same name.
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Summer 1998; on tour: Fall 1998 Stage: The Open Air Theater in Regent's Park Robert Lemanteur One review calls his performance "a scream."
This production was well enough received by audiences to go on tour, even though there were some odd reviews from the critics. Cyn reports one: "[The reviewers] like the second female lead (not the lead) and segue into this: 'Otherwise, it's mostly grin-and-bear-it time, though whatever-happened-to connoisseurs may be amused to see Gary Raymond - the original male lead in London's She Loves Me some 34 years ago - shticking his way through his assignment as the kind of Frenchman musicals love even if the French probably don't.' I guess that's good? Huh?"
Troilus and Cressida Summer 1998 Stage: The Open Air Theater in Regent's Park Agamemnon With the New Shakespeare Company in the same season as Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (see above).
Jeremy Kingston of the London Times gave this review: "Agamemnon can be presented as an object of scorn but Gary Raymond's resonant voice gives him a royal assurance worthy to rank against Jeffery Dench's medal-heavy Priam." Read GR's stage credits from the programme.
Old World

Old World

Jan. 1998? Stage: Basingstoke Haymarket Theatre ? Opposite Honor Blackman (in photo).
Love in the Ancient World 1998 (?) TV documentary: A&E Symposium guest From Anne: "It included brief re-enactments of Plato's 'Symposium' (in which a bunch of famous people drink wine and talk about love), and according to the credits at the end Gary Raymond was in it! Naturally I had come in after that part and mostly saw obscene tomb paintings--not that I minded, but I would rather have seen Gary!"
credits (We'd have included a photo of GR himself, but most of the Symposium actors appear only in long shots. An odd little segment in which no one gets to do much. Nice set, though.)
And here's more from Anne: "There are only a few Symposium scenes with GR, and they total maybe 2-3 minutes. GR does not have a separate speaking part. But he is right smack in the middle of the shot, reclining on a corner couch, immediately to Socrates' right (left of Socrates, from the viewer's perspective), looking quite dignified in a gray beard and Ancient Greek costume. He gets first billing under 'Plato's Symposium' in the credits, I guess because he's smack in the middle of the picture, or because he's the cutest one."
JFK: A Musical Drama 1997 Stage: Olympia Theatre, Dublin, Ireland Joseph Kennedy Book and lyrics by: Will Holt & Tom Sawyer; Music by: Will Holt; Directed and choreographed by: Larry Fuller; Starring: Maurice Clark, Monica Ernesti, Gary Raymond, and Stella McCusker.


1994 miniseries Old Daniel O'Hara "Old" Daniel? Hmph. Though the character name both shatters adolescent memories and reminds me I'm no adolescent myself anymore, word has it Gary Raymond works constantly and still has "the same great face" (albeit with a big bushy beard). His wife, Delena Kidd, also has a role in this miniseries.
Sunday in the Park with George 1990 Stage Jules/Bob Greenberg London Production presented by the Royal National Theatre; opened March 15, 1990, at the Lyttelton Theatre. Ran in repertory for a limited engagement of 117 performances.
Michael Billington's review in The Guardian (17th March 1990) states, "In a large cast, Gary Raymond ... shines out as both a velvet-smooth rival to Seurat and as a typical money-seeking modern museum-director."
The Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank 1988 TV Movie ? Originally produced for television in 1988, with teleplay by William Hanley and directed by John Erman.
Cast (in order listed): Mary Steenburgen (Miep Gies), Paul Scofield (Otto Frank), Huub Stapel, Eleanor Bron, Frances Cuka, Miriam Karlin, Ronald Pickup, Gary Raymond, Victor Spinetti, Tom Wilkinson, Lisa Jacobs (Anne). Based on the book Anne Frank Remembered by Miep Gies.
The Children of Dynmouth 1986 TV Movie; BBC ? 90-minute Comedy drama also starring John Bird, Peter Jones, Avril Elgar, and Simon Fox. "An obnoxious teenager is intent on causing mischief in a small seaside town." Written by William Trevor and directed by Peter Hammond.
You Can't Take it With You
4 August 1983
1983 Stage Paul Sycamore Cast included Geraldine McEwan, Janine Duvitski, and Greg Hicks (no further information)
Hammer House of Horror: "The Two Faces of Evil"

(also see here)

1980 TV series mystery survivor A woman becomes convinced her husband is really someone else when he's disfigured in a car crash.
poster Anne Collins Smith filled us in one this one: "One thing I don't see on your list is his appearance in an episode of Hammer House of Horror.... He plays both a genial father on a family outing and the evil hitchhiker who forces the family car into an accident. After the accident, who is the survivor? the father, or the hitchhiker? He acts the part of the mystery survivor so well that the audience, as well as the man's poor wife, is kept in suspense for a good portion of the episode. It is quite a creepy and scary episode.... We also get to hear him sing a little at the beginning. This was apparently quite a TV show for B7 fans, as Gareth Thomas (Blake), Paul Darrow (Avon), and Brian Croucher (Travis) were all in different episodes!"
The Omega Factor: "Out of Body, Out of Mind"
(1 August 1979)
1979 TV Series Townsend Series episode guide
Series Description: There is a highly-secret government organisation called Department 7. Its existence is known only to the Prime Minister and some members of the Cabinet. Its brief is to investigate the Supernatural -- to discover the Omega Factor. Journalist Tom Crane has been given the same brief by a Sunday newspaper and suddenly finds himself confronting inexplicable and even terrifying situations. Episode synopsis (all we have at the moment): Michael Crane has been discharged from hospital but seems to be suffering from strange dreams. Tom confides his fears to Scott-Erskine. Cast: James Hazeldine as Tom Crane; Louise Jameson as Anne Reynolds; John Carlise as Roy Martindale; Brown Derby as Andrew Scott-Erskine; Nicholas Coppin as Michael Crane; Loftus Burton as Hamish Mboto; Gary Raymond as Townsend; Jill Fenner as Jane Welling; Charles Lloyd Pack as Sir Willoughby.
Thomas & Sarah: "Return To Gethyn"
episode 10; aired: 18 March 1979
1979 TV series Eli Episode synopsis: "Opportunists Thomas and Sarah visit Thomas's long-lost family in a remote Welsh village. The visit enables Sarah to clear up a mystery." GR gets first guest cast credit.
See this website for the full description of this series. Pauline Collins and John Alderton reprised their roles three years after the original Upstairs, Downstairs series. The episodes are described as ranging from the pedestrian to the enjoyable, and given as the example of "enjoyable" is this one guest-starring GR. The series is said to have appeared on home video in the US in 1999, so we will be looking for it.
The New Avengers: "Three Handed Game"
Season 1 episode 10; aired: 21 January 1977
1977 TV series Masgard Series starring Patrick Macnee (as John Steed), Gareth Hunt (Mike Gambit), and (one of our favourites) Joanna Lumley (Purdey).
Episode synopsis: A trio of memory experts each memorises a third of the Allied defence plans to courier the plans to the UK, but enemy agent Juventor steals a brain draining machine which will allow him to download the plans directly from the minds of the mentalists. Steed, Purdey, and Gambit are each assigned to guard one of the three couriers, but Juventor manages to pick them off one by one (which, given the competence level of GR's character's bodyguard, is not too very hard). (Original UK Airdate: January 21st, 1977 on LWT; Original US Airdate: January 12th, 1979). Guest Cast included Stephen Grief as Juventor. This review gives the episode Grade A. This one, on the nicely organised Avengers Forever web site, gives it two-and-a-half bowler hats, and lets visitors add their own reviews. Series guide.
Treasure Island 1973 Stage: London; musical Captain Smollett Music by Hal Shaper and Cyril Ornadel.
Opened at the Mermaid Theatre, London, on Monday, 17 December 1973, and ran for three seasons there before transferring to the New London Theatre in 1978, winning an Ivor Novello award for Best Musical of 1974. Bernard Miles plays the treasure-hungry Long John Silver and Spike Milligan is "the cheese-hungry, demented Ben Gunn" with his all-singing, all-dancing chorus of Goats. GR is featured in a very funny song called "Cap'n Silver." See the Eur.Com Musical Cast Album Database for more cast and credits.
The Persuaders: "The Ozerov Inheritance"
aired: 11 February 1972

GR as Sergei images

1972 TV series Sergei GR appeared in episode 22 of this series starring Roger Moore and Tony Curtis.
Roger Moore and Tony Curtis (as Rosie would say, two cutie-patooties) are English Lord Brett Sinclair and American Danny Wilde, wealthy playboys teamed together to investigate crimes the police can't solve. The two complete opposites become great friends through their adventures (of course) and constantly risk their own lives for each other (of course).

In this episode, a meeting has been arranged by the Grand Duchess Ozerov with Brett and Danny. She needs help. Her jewels, which are in a Swiss bank, are to be the subject of a court action to decide on their real ownership. The other claimants are the Russian Government and her nephew Sergei (GR). Her only hope lies in her being able to provide proof of marriage to Prince Ozerov before the revolution. Murder and conspiracy abound. Full synopsis and credits (with spoilers).

UFO: "The Man Who Came Back"

airdate: 3 February 1971

UFO images

1971 TV series Col. Grey For a synopsis courtesy of the UFO Series Home Page and a review from The Rat Patrol Dispatch see here!
Jason King: "Buried in the Cold, Cold Ground"

airdate: 6 October 1971 (episode 3)

1971 TV series Sandro Jason King, played by Peter Wyngarde, is described as "the world's most stylish fiction crime writer and crime fighter; always, suave, elegant and smooth as good wine." There's a synopsis of the episode here and here.
Massacre Harbour 1969 TV movie Sgt. Jack Moffitt Yes ... a movie version of The Rat Patrol, a recut version of "The Last Harbor Raid." French singing is involved, and everybody has a beret.
The Rat Patrol 1966-1968 TV series Sgt. Jack Moffitt If we still have to explain what this is, report immediately to the briefing room for indoctrination
Red and Blue 1967 film, UK ??? Holly [production company], for United Artists [British]. Written and directed by Tony Richardson. Cast: Vanessa Redgrave, John Bird, Gary Raymond, William Sylvester, Michael York, and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
The Greatest Story Ever Told 1965 film Peter Chari reports: "The list of disciples itself is interesting: David McCallum, David Hedison, Jamie Farr, as well as Mr. Raymond . . . the movie is so ponderous it's rather like watching a beautiful painting go by. I understand the director thought he was making a classic which would be cherished into the next millennium. Well . . . it has its moments, at least for Gary Raymond watchers. My favorite scene is Peter grumping about his missing coat. 'Best coat I ever had...' Not very sanctimonious!"
Das Verraetertor
(aka "Traitor's Gate")
Traitor's Gate poster
1964 (English-language release 1966?) film Graham/Dick Also called THE DAY THEY ROBBED THE TOWER OF LONDON, from Columbia Pictures. According to one source, it stars Klaus Kinski, but the movie poster lists, in this order: Gary Raymond, Albert Lieven, Catherina Von Schell, and Margot Trooger -- that does look like a drawing of GR prominently featured on the poster. The plot? A businessman organises a caper to steal the Crown Jewels from the Tower of London.
She Loves Me

Georg on stage
* Musical Cast Album database
* album cover

1964 Stage: London, musical Georg Nowack Liner notes list "Well known West End star" Gary Raymond in the role of Georg Nowack. Other performers included Anne Rogers, Gary Miller, and the incomparable Rita Moreno.
Ran in London's West End in a production directed by Harold Prince, opening 29 April 1964 at the Lyric and running 189 performances. It's a charming romantic comedy about the entanglements of coworkers at a perfume shop. Georg (GR) and Amalia (Anne Rogers) cannot stand each other, and each has been carrying on a correspondence with an unseen love. It's a romantic comedy -- you know how it all turns out.

GR sounds a little out of his vocal range here, unlike in Treasure Island and Irma la Douce; Robin describes it as "singing like a good character actor" (think Rex Harrison and Richard Burton). But he does have great fun with the title song.

A nice bonus for those who can find a copy of the CD: the last song is mislabelled as being sung by someone else, but that is indeed GR again.


  • title song: AIFF; WAVE; Quicktime sound; 32 secs, 360K.
  • "Letters": AIFF; WAVE; 39 secs, 430K.
  • opening number ("Good Morning, Good Day"): AIFF; WAVE; 23 secs, 490K.
  • "Tonight at Eight" (Georg prepares to meet his penpal): AIFF; WAV; 1 min, 647K.
Jason and the Argonauts

Acastus images

1963 film Acastus A film with legendary special effects from the legendary master Ray Harryhausen. This one is a classic, so if you haven't seen it, see it now -- whether or not you want to see GR as Prince Acastus, principal villain.
Playboy of the Western World


1962 film The Playboy
(Christy Mahon)
Directed by Brian Desmond Hurst and also starring Siobhan McKenna, Michael O'Brian, and Elspeth March (Comedy, Ireland, 100 minutes)
A young man endears himself to a small town with his tale of how he killed his violent father in self defense; a young woman running an inn agrees to shelter him in secret, but the story gets out and his mystique grows. Three brief reviews: "Siobhan McKenna plays Pegeen, the innkeeper's daughter who is enthralled by the playboy who turns a quiet village upside down, & Gary Raymond is first-rate as the object of her adoration." (St. Olaf University literary videos) "Beautiful, lyrical, and long-overdue film of the classic Irish play of J. M. Synge. The actual plot about a young stranger who becomes the idol of a small village is less important than the soaring, poetic language of the play and the lovely performance of McKenna." Less poetically described as: "Highly diversionary adaptation of John Synge's play about an innkeeper's naive daughter's passion for a beguiling playboy."

Rat Patrol creator Tom Gries stated in a 1967 interview that he'd narrowed down to a dozen or so the choices of possible actors for the role of Moffitt; after seeing Gary Raymond in Playboy of the Western World, however, he knew he had found the ideal man for the role. "That did it," he said. "I didn't even have to watch the whole film. Even through the brogue I knew this was my man. There's a quality of cool in the character of Moffitt that Gary possesses exactly." It says a lot about Tom Gries that he detected Jack Moffitt in Christy Mahon, the earnest, eager-to-please, and often flustered "hero" of Playboy.

Man of the World: "The Frontier" 1962 TV Series Hossari According to the Internet Movie Database
Out of this World: "Immigrant" 1962 TV Series Seldon Bishop According to the Internet Movie Database
El Cid

Prince Sancho

1961 film Prince Sancho A very long film with a great deal of Charlton Heston -- a very Hollywood retelling of the life of the legendary El Cid. GR plays the Other Guy.

Offsite Reviews and Articles

The Millionairess

happy couple images

1960 film Alastair GR gets billing after Sophia Loren and Peter Sellers in this comedy about a wealthy woman who attempts to buy the love of a poor East Indian doctor (Peter Sellers) after her young husband (GR) leaves her for a down-to-earth poor girl (Virginia Vernon). GR appears in only the first few scenes.
Suddenly, Last Summer 1959 film George Holly Yes, I know it's one of those classics, but when I first went to see this at a university cinema I fell asleep shortly into this film. If I'd known GR was in it . . . well, I still tend to fall asleep on Elizabeth Taylor. I'm pleased to say I've since seen it all the way through. GR's role is far too small, but he valiantly attempts a southern accent.
H. G. Wells' Invisible Man

Prince images

1959 TV series Prince Johnny In another role as royalty, GR's character gets to transform from gawky university student to James-Bondish king -- with help, of course, from the invisible man.
Look Back in Anger

GR, Ure, Burton

A review:
Rebel With a Cause

This review, more images

1958 film Cliff Lewis I'd love this film even if I didn't adore Richard Burton and the Rat Patrol; I probably first saw it when all I'd seen Gary Raymond in was "Jason and the Argonauts."
Tense and brooding -- and described in its advertising on its release as "An electrifying adult experience...from the sensational play by John Osborne that shocked the world!" I'd be more inclined to describe it as harsh, no-holds-barred, and not for those looking for a sensitive love story. The main character's anger is ugly, but all too realistic. If it weren't so true, it might be impossible to stay with the character long enough to begin to understand him. If it weren't for the character of Cliff Lewis, who provides a buffer, sympathy, and humanity, the film might be too dark to allow for even the hope of change.

Much has been said by reviewers of how the film represents the frustrations of the angry young men of post-war Britain. Jimmy's (Richard Burton) struggles with his life ring true no matter what the era, as do the intertwined themes of bigotry, friendship, and Jimmy's relationship with his mother. The plot summary is as follows: "Jimmy lives with his wife Allison (Mary Ure) and his close friend Cliff (Gary Raymond). Though he is university educated, Jimmy works running a sweet stall. His lack of ambition has poisoned his relationship with Allison's somewhat patrician family, and this in turn has embittered his feelings toward her. When Allison's friend Helena (Claire Bloom) shows up, the mere thread that holds the couple together seems to be broken." GR has a significant role as the friend who loves both Jimmy and Allison and does his best to hold the couple together until he finds himself filling Allison's place as the target of Jimmy's anger. The film isn't all harrowing, though: GR's Cliff is charming and sincere (and hopelessly young), and the snippets of music-hall sketches performed with Burton are not to be missed.

Irma la douce 1958 Stage: London; Musical member of the Tres Tres Snob gang With Elizabeth Seal, Keith Michell, and Clive Revill. Although GR sings only a few segments solo, his voice stands out distinctly (if you have a good stereo system) in several very funny chorus numbers.
The musical is about a working girl who falls in love with a penniless law student. When she continues working to support him, he disguises himself and becomes her exclusive client; in a fit of jealousy he destroys his alter ego and is sent to Devil's Island for killing the man who never existed. Don't worry, it all works out in the end with the help of the gang. The musical was translated from the original French version (music by Marguerite Monnot, lyrics by Alexandre Breffort) by Julian More, David Henneker, and Monty Norman; it previewed at the Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth, on 24 July 1958, and opened three weeks later at the Lyric Theatre. Julian More, translating Breffort, described how the play treats its audience: "Charm them, make them laugh, and then hit them below the belt!" The soundtrack is a pleasant surprise for GR fans; it's well worth your while to track down the album.

A list of LP dealers can be found through the Eur.Com Musical Cast Album Database; A-1 Record Finders is recommended.

Robin Hood
"One Man's Meat"

Henry the serf images

1957 TV series Henry the serf The B&W Richard Greene TV series; the plot involves forcefeeding serfs Muesli, more or less. A very young and winsome GR appears in several scenes and gets a very few lines, half of which are delivered in Ye Olde Peasant Accent, and he gets to glower in the background a lot. Yes, he does wear tights.
The Moonraker 1957 film Prince Charles Stuart This film takes place in the time of bonny Prince Charles and Oliver Cromwell. (Nothing to do with James Bond and spaceships at all.)
Summary: After the battle of Worcester at the end of the Civil War, the main aim of Oliver Cromwell's Commonwealth is to capture Charles Stuart. The future king's escape depends on the intrepid Earl of Dawlish (George Baker), who as the Moonraker has already spirited away many Royalists. Dawlish travels to the Windwhistle Inn on the south coast to prepare the escape, where he meets Anne Wyndham, the fiancée of a top Roundhead colonel. (Summary by Jeremy Perkins) Patrick Troughton has a role as well.
Stage Credits
From the New Shakespeare Company's 1998 Season programme book:

"Gary recently played opposite Honor Blackman in Old World for Richard Digby Day at Basingstoke and Joseph Kennedy in the musical JFK in Dublin. His other theatre credits include Old Times and Claudius in Hamlet (NSC tour); Look After Lulu (Haymarket); Look Back in Anger (Royal Court); The Crucifer of Blood (Haymarket); Orlando in As You Like It, Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing and Oberon in A Midsummer Night's Dream (Open Air Theatre); Cards on the Table (Vaudeville); Betrayal (Greenwich); You Can't Take It With You (RNT); What a Way to Run a Revolution (Young Vic); The Sound of Music (Theatre Royal, Plymouth/tour); the title role in Macbeth (London Shakespeare Group); Breaking the Silence (Leeds Playhouse); Pommies (Croydon Warehouse); Inside Job (Mill at Sonning); Macbeth and Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing (London Shakespeare Group); Sunday in the Park With George (RNT); Volpone and The Merchant of Venice (ESC); Twelfth Night (London Shakespeare Group); A Little Night Music (Theatre Royal, Plymouth); Faith Healer (London Shakespeare Group - Orange Tree, Richmond); The Secret Garden (Watermill); A Delicate Balance (Nottingham Playhouse) and The Tempest (Contact Theatre, Manchester).

Gary's television credits include Martin Chuzzlewit, Dombey and Son, Rat Patrol, Thomas and Sarah, History of Ireland, The Combination, Moving on the Edge, Jemima Shore Investigates, What a Way to Run a Revolution, Coronation Street, Children of Dynmouth, William Tyndale, Crime Ltd., Scarlet Ellington and Casualty.

His film credits include Red and Blue, Traitor's Gate, The Greatest Story Ever Told (as St. Peter), Jason and the Argonauts, El Cid, Playboy of the Western World, The Millionairess, Suddenly Last Summer, Look Back in Anger (as Cliff) and The Moonraker (as Charles II). He appeared in Macbeth on BBC Radio 4."

(with thanks to Pat for sending the programme and thanks to Gary Raymond for signing it!)

Biography from "All-Movie Guide"
The son of British music hall entertainers, Gary Barrymore Raymond was 11 years old when he won a scholarship to Gateway School in Leicester. Following his graduation at age 16, Raymond took on day jobs as a clerk and furrier, studying drama in his spare time through the auspices of the London County Council. He went on to attend the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, then was signed by the Royal Shakespeare Company, where he made an auspicious stage debut. In films from 1955, Raymond essayed such important roles as Prince Charles Stuart ("The Pretender") in The Moonraker (1955), Cliff Lewis in Look Back in Anger (1958) and Peter in The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965). He also played the title character in 1962's Playboy of the Western World. In 1966, Raymond was cast as British sergeant Jack Moffitt on the American TV action series The Rat Patrol, which ran until 1968. Active into the 1990s, Gary Raymond was recently seen as Ol' Daniel O'Hara (that's how he was billed) in the 1994 TV miniseries Scarlet[t]. -- Hal Erickson.
Emily Raymond
"Archangel" (season finale)

Emily images

1997; TV series; role: Allison Landry

For the full story on this episode, see Anne's review with synopsis and commentary on Emily's performance. Emily Raymond is high on my list of actors I intend to work with when I finally get my fortune to produce a big budget indie feature (compared to what I've made before, trust me, almost anything is big budget). She's quite reminiscent of her father; let's hope we get to see her in many more appearances.

Emily Raymond has played Helena in A Midsummer Night's Dream for the Royal Shakespeare Company as well as a number of other roles in plays such as The Changeling, All's Well That Ends Well, and The Beggar's Opera. For other theatres she has appeared in Romeo and Juliet, The Seagull, and Of Mice and Men. Her TV credits include Robin Hood and Highlander and her film credits, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Seeing Things and A Murder of Quality. Emily also appears in the film Love Lies Bleeding with Faye Dunaway, Malcolm McDowell, and Wayne Rogers (release date now listed as 2000). The film tells the story of an aspiring journalist (Emily Raymond) working in turn-of-the century London, following her life during a rash of brutal believed to be the work of Jack the Ripper.

In the U.S. Emily appeared with a 1996 touring production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. A CD of Emily performing in A Midsummer Night's Dream can be purchased online from Naxos (Naxos is located in the UK but orders to US addresses arrive promptly). It is now available on as well. Michael Maloney also performs in this production.

Delena Kidd
Delena Kidd Smiling Delena According to this site, Delena Kidd trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama, is founder of the London Shakespeare Company and is currently starring in a major British television series (possibly the popular soap opera Family Affairs, although she may have moved on to a new series now); she is an instructor at The London Academy of Theater teaching acting in Shakespeare and Shaw. She has also appeared in the television series The Avengers (episode "Girl On The Trapeze"), Casualty, Medics, Minder, The Doctors, and The Sweeney; in the films Room at the Top (1959) and The Browning Version (1955); and in the TV movies Scarlett, The Two Mrs Grenvilles (1987), Les Miserables (as Valjean's sister - 1978), and Shadow Play (1961; BBC TV movie about Inspector Maigret).

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